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Indexed search with Javascript

Algorithm Data Structure Javascript

It started with an idea: "Wouldn't it be nice to have a search functionality on my blog?". Sure, nowadays there are many libraries and external sites such as Google offering this in some form or other. But, as far as my personal projects are concerned, I am not one to be satiated with a solution that would likely involve said third party injecting hell-knows-what into my little home-brew site. Even if that was an option it would probably be overkill for what I actually need.

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Character encoding primer

Character encoding Notes

On computers where 1 and 0 rule supreme we must have a way to express the human languages in the written format. Do do this there are standards that map characters to numeric values.

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Blogator v1.3 released

Blogator Project Releases

New release for Blogator. An option to generate a JSON index of the blog's articles and, optionally the tags/years/authors indices is now available.

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Blogator v1.2 released

Blogator Project Releases

New release for Blogator that now includes a Table of Contents generator to use inside posts. In addition there was some major refactoring done in the code of the posts' output generation.

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HDD diagnosis and recovery tools

HDD failing

Linux offers all the tools needed to diagnose and recover data for free from a failing hard drive as long as it can still be read. I'm just going to cover in a general way some tooling options to repair or extract data on a problematic hard drive in this post.

For those who cannot be bothered to roll out their own custom recovery image, System rescue CD has most of the needed tools within. To note that there are other equally capable custom distros images available for this very purpose. A spare USB key with at least enough storage to hold the distro's image and a quick use of dd is all that required get going.

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I'm a software developer, tinkerer and all round linux aficionado. This site just aggregates my projects, notes and experiments.

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